Manufacturing ERP System

Get ahead of the competition with PACT RevenU, the leading manufacturing ERP system in the UAE. Our solution simplifies and automates complex workflows, following industry-best practices to reduce operational costs without sacrificing quality. By using PACT RevenU, you can enhance your manufacturing business's competitiveness, streamline operations, and achieve greater efficiencies.

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Manufacturing ERP System

Process Automation for Cost Reduction

Managing a manufacturing business is tough, with lots to juggle at once. You need to plan production, manage inventory and machines, control costs, and maintain quality. But traditional management techniques can be slow and prone to errors.
That's where PACT RevenU comes in. Our advanced ERP system lets you take control of your entire production process with confidence. You can manage inventory, production, and quality control all in one place, streamlining your operations and reducing mistakes.
With PACT RevenU, you can reduce costs and improve competitiveness while offering high-quality goods at competitive prices. Try PACT RevenU today and see how it can transform your manufacturing business.
Resource Planning
Reduce the cost of operations by ensuring you have all resources ready without any shortage. Be it inventory, machinery, or labor. Automate material resource planning for increased speed and accuracy, and manage the assets, including machinery, to ensure availability. Define crisp and clear manufacturing workflows to ensure that the processes go on without any confusion.
Transform Supply Chain
Be it procurement, warehouse management, inventory management, or order management, automate and streamline all of them using the ERP. Track real-time inventory levels and precisely calculate how much more you need and when to reduce inventory carrying costs. Manage customers and vendors for increased profits and customer and vendor satisfaction.
Respond to Customer Demands
Trends in customer demands are subject to frequent changes. Gain the ability to quickly respond to evolving customer demands by always being prepared. Gain insights from SCM reports to forecast demands, know your inventory well, and maintain effective relations with your vendors.
Resource Planning
Transform Supply Chain
Respond to Customer Demands
Manufacturing ERP System

Feature Rich Modules

If you're running a manufacturing business, you need an ERP system that can keep up with your complex operations. That's why PACT RevenU offers a comprehensive suite of features, including a bill of materials, material resource planning, production planning, order management, VAT accounting, and more.
The centralized and shared platform of PACT, allows seamless communication between departments, so you can collaborate more effectively and make informed decisions in real time. Plus, the customizable and user-friendly interface means that you can tailor the PACT ERP system to your business's specific needs.
Bill of Materials
Material Resource Planning
Production Planning
Order Management
Procurement & Purchase
Sales & Distribution
Inventory & Warehouse
Quality Control
Integrated with Accounts

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