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Discover PACT, the most trusted project management software in the UAE. It streamlines your workflow with key features like BOQ, progressive billing, and work breakdown structure, plus more for comprehensive resource and progress management. Ideal for any business size, ensuring detailed and efficient project control for ultimate success.

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Project Management Software

Organize, Collaborate, and Enhance Productivity

For efficient project management, it's crucial to complete tasks within the specified budget and time frame. However, managing resources, timelines, and budgets simultaneously can be challenging without the right skill set. PACT RevenU, the leading project management software in UAE, offers a comprehensive solution to all these challenges. With our advanced tools and expert guidance, you can master the art of meticulous planning, effective communication, and quick decision-making, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and successful project completion.

Integrated Planning
Handle multiple projects using well-laid-out plans. Using a single platform, define the goals and objectives of the project, make estimations of the time and resources required, gather information about the available resources, and create a plan. Further, assign responsibilities and track progress.
Real-time Collaboration
Efficient communication is key to timely project completion. PACT RevenU, the ERP software for project management, provides you with a shared platform to update information about each activity completed and enables all the stakeholders to stay informed about the work in progress in real-time.
Cost Management
Several tasks in a project are subject to change. Changes in the availability of resources, prices, scope, or any others. PACT helps you remain profitable amidst these changes, first by generating a comprehensive budget and, second, by tracking all expenses without fail. Receive automatic alerts when you deviate from the budget.
In the attempt to achieve milestones, sometimes you forget to save important documents related to projects. It could be the contract, the bills and payments, change requests, or anything that affects the project. Record and store all these important documents in one place to improve the traceability of the tasks completed.
Integrated Planning
Real-time Collaboration
Cost Management

PACT RevenU Project Management Module

Maximize your resources and streamline your projects with our user-friendly project management solution. Simplify tasks and automate processes to help you achieve your goals and deliver profitable projects. Get started today and take advantage of our advanced features to help you stay on track and monitor your progress.

Project Management Software

Key Features

Multiple Project Creation
Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
Project Costing
Project-wise Profit & Progress Report
Manpower Timesheet
Procurement & Material Issuance
Progressive Billing
Estimated v/s Actual Reports
Track Material, Manpower & Money used
Work Breakdown Structure

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